Strength, Beauty & Charactergi_fireplace

Our promise is to honor the moments that matter most in life. The occasions and events filled with celebration. Those special days where conversation is easy and laughter is quick. Days where the sun is brighter and the peace and relaxation of a backyard deck is the only place in the world you would ever want to be.

We believe your outdoor space is a cherished place. A place for you to share meals and memories with family, neighbors, and forever friends. As such, it should exude warmth and beauty all year round.

We exist to deliver unsurpassed beauty and warmth through superior innovation, product quality and performance. Our technology and expertise will both protect your investment and enhance the beauty. Which is why we use of quality premium ingredients like tung and linseed oils, carnauba wax, and premium transparent iron oxide pigments that protect your deck and deliver a rich, warm glow.

We invite you to use Duckback premium products to protect your outdoor living space. At Duckback®, we are committed to making premium, high quality coatings that protect outdoor living spaces from the harsh conditions of ultraviolet rays. And rain? Well let’s just say that we shed it like water off of a duck’s back. We are confident that with our expertly formulated product, you will bask in the glow of work well done.