Program Overview

See what makes Duckback Exterior Stain+Sealer an easy choice for your next project.  Check out the lineup and find the right stain for the job. 

  • 100% acrylic water-based formula
  • UV Protection
  • Mold-and mildew-resistant finish
  • Low temperature application (35°F)
  • One coat coverage

Choose your look and let’s go. 

  • Be sure to clean your deck first with any commercial wood cleaner, following manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Let it dry thoroughly. 
  • Apply Duckback Water-Based Stain+Sealer– one coat only! 
  • Clean up with warm, soapy water. 
  • Let dry 24 hours before replacing furniture (or a little longer if it’s humid)
  • Enjoy! 


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