Wood Cleaner (1440)

A concentrated product formulated to remove foreign matter from wood, including: oxidized (failed) coatings, dirt, grease, oil, pollen, and surface stains caused by mildew.


  • Cleans and repairs all exterior wood for coatings
  • 1 gallon of concentrated cleaner makes up to 4 gallons of solution


  • Fast-acting and Easy-to-Use
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DB0014404-16 GalExterior Wood Cleaner740755144047


To remove foreign matter from exterior wood including: oxidized (failed) coatings, dirt, grease, oil, pollen and surface stains caused by mildew. This formula dilutes with water depending on the amount of cleaning required. Follow label directions below to determine the cleaning strength needed.


Shake well before using. Wood Cleaner is supplied as a concentrate. Spray wood with water, then apply Cleaner with a brush, roller or pump up sprayer. Use synthetic brushes or rollers only. Wood Cleaner’s thick formula may be used undiluted for difficult areas or vertical surfaces. For maximum effectiveness, keep Cleaner wet on surface by occasionally misting with water. Allow Cleaner to stay on surface approximately 15-30 minutes to soften and dissolve failed oxidized coatings. Wood Cleaner becomes extremely slippery once applied. Work on small enough areas to avoid walking on treated surface.


GENERAL CLEANING: Mix 1 gallon of Wood Cleaner to 3 gallons of water for normal use.
MAINTENANCE CLEANING (FOR WOOD NOT BEING RE-COATED): Mix « gallon of Wood Cleaner to 3 « gallons of water, then follow instructions for application and rinsing.


Test a small area by scrubbing with a bristle brush to determine if the surface is ready for rinsing. When ready, scrub the surface with a firm bristle brush or long handled push broom. Rinse thoroughly with water using a garden hose or pressure washer. Do not exceed 1000 PSI when using a pressure washer. Rinse any residue from plants.


Wood species such as redwood, cedar and fir will tend to darken after being cleaned. Use Superdeck® Wood Brightener as the final step to brighten the wood and neutralize the surface before coating.


Apply product at temperatures above 50°F. and below 90°F. Do not apply in direct sunlight if possible. Protect any aluminum surfaces (such as window frames) to prevent discoloration. Product will etch metal. If product makes contact with glass, rinse thoroughly before it dries. Mist any nearby vegetation with water before and after application.


100-200 sq. ft. per gallon and will vary depending on the dilution of Wood Cleaner to water.


When using, do not eat, drink or smoke. Wash hands after use and before eating, drinking or smoking. Product is corrosive, avoid contact with metals such as aluminum. Do not transfer contents into a metal container or unlabeled container. Store in a well ventilated area. Keep container tightly closed when not in use. Protect from freezing. For exterior use only.


Clean all tools & equipment with water.

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