Transparent Stain (1900)

Whether used for a deck, fence, siding, or furniture, wood adds character and increases the value of your outdoor living space. The beauty and value is enhanced with Superdeck Transparent Stain. Adding a warm glow and showing 100% grain clarity, Transparent Stain emphasizes wood’s uniquely natural beauty and strength. Superdeck Transparent Stain is formulated for use on any exterior wood surface including decks, fences, siding, outdoor furniture, shingle shakes, hot tub skirting, and more.


  • Highest quality iron oxide pigments to create long-lasting colors and inhibit UV damage caused by the sun
  • Three oil formula contains deep penetrating tung oil for long lasting protection
  • One coat coverage with a transparent finish that highlights the wood grain


  • Formulated to resist growth of mildew and algae on the coatings surface
  • Excellent water repellency
  • Recommended for all exterior wood including pressure treated wood
Product # ColorVOCSizePDSSDSUPC
SC0019015-20 Cedar1005 Gal740755196152
SC0019025-20 Red Cedar1005 Gal740755196251
SC0019035-20 Redwood1005 Gal740755196350
SC0019045-20 Century Redwood1005 Gal740755196459
SC0019055-20 Heart Redwood1005 Gal740755196558
SC0019065-20 Valley1005 Gal740755196657
SC0019075-20 Canyon Brown1005 Gal740755196756
SC0019105-20 Natural1005 Gal740755197050
SC0019115-20 Cedar Tone Natural1005 Gal740755197159
SC0019125-20 Mission Brown1005 Gal740755197258
SC0019014-16 Cedar100Gal740755196145
SC0019024-16 Red Cedar100Gal740755196244
SC0019034-16 Redwood100Gal740755196343
SC0019044-16 Century Redwood100Gal740755196442
SC0019054-16 Heart Redwood100Gal740755196541
SC0019064-16 Valley100Gal740755196640
SC0019074-16 Canyon Brown100Gal740755196749
SC0019104-16 Natural100Gal740755197043
SC0019114-16 Cedar Tone Natural100Gal740755197142
SC0019124-16 Mission Brown100Gal740755197241
DPI019015-20 Cedar2505 Gal740755195155
DPI019025-20 Red Cedar2505 Gal740755195254
DPI019035-20 Redwood2505 Gal740755195353
DPI019045-20 Century Redwood2505 Gal740755195452
DPI019055-20 Heart Redwood2505 Gal740755195551
DPI019065-20 Valley2505 Gal740755195650
DPI019075-20 Canyon Brown2505 Gal740755195759
DPI019105-20 Natural2505 Gal740755196053
DPI019115-20 Cedar Tone Natural2505 Gal740755198156
DPI019125-20 Mission Brown2505 Gal740755198255
DPI019014-16 Cedar250Gal740755195148
DPI019024-16 Red Cedar250Gal740755195247
DPI019034-16 Redwood250Gal740755195346
DPI019044-16 Century Redwood250Gal740755195445
DPI019054-16 Heart Redwood250Gal740755195544
DPI019064-16 Valley250Gal740755195643
DPI019074-16 Canyon Brown250Gal740755195742
DPI019104-16 Natural250Gal740755196046
DPI019114-16 Cedar Tone Natural250Gal740755198149
DPI019124-16 Mission Brown250Gal740755198248
DB0019015-20 Cedar3505 Gal740755190150
DB0019025-20 Red Cedar3505 Gal740755190259
DB0019035-20 Redwood3505 Gal740755190358
DB0019045-20 Century Redwood3505 Gal740755190457
DB0019055-20 Heart Redwood3505 Gal740755190556
DB0019065-20 Valley3505 Gal740755190655
DB0019075-20 Canyon Brown3505 Gal740755190754
DB0019105-20 Natural3505 Gal740755191058
DB0019115-20 Cedar Tone Natural3505 Gal740755191157
DB0019125-20 Mission Brown3505 Gal740755191256
DB0019014-16 Cedar350Gal740755190143
DB0019024-16 Red Cedar350Gal740755190242
DB0019034-16 Redwood350Gal740755190341
DB0019044-16 Century Redwood350Gal740755190440
DB0019054-16 Heart Redwood350Gal740755190549
DB0019064-16 Valley350Gal740755190648
DB0019074-16 Canyon Brown350Gal740755190747
DB0019104-16 Natural350Gal740755191041
DB0019114-16 Cedar Tone Natural350Gal740755191140
DB0019124-16 Mission Brown350Gal740755191249

Important Note: Computer screens and printers vary in how colors are displayed, so the samples shown on this page may vary slightly in color, sheen or finish from actual product and individual results. Always test a small area and let coating dry to ensure color satisfaction before coating entire area.

Transparent Stain (1900)

  • 1901 – Cedar
  • 1902 – Red Cedar
  • 1903 – Redwood
  • 1904 – Century Redwood
  • 1905 – Heart Redwood
  • 1906 – Valley
  • 1907 – Canyon
  • 1910 – Natural
  • 1911 – Cedar Tone Natural
  • 1912 – Mission Brown


All exterior wood including redwood, cedar, pine, pressure treated wood and more.


All surfaces must be clean, dry, and free from dirt, mildew stains, dust and other foreign matter.  Do not apply over sealed surfaces. Remove surface stains, dirt and failed oxidized stains with Superdeck® Wood Cleaner. Remove solid stains or paints with Superdeck® Wood Stripper. For redwood and cedar, follow cleaning or stripping with Superdeck® Wood Brightener to remove tannin stains and brighten wood to its original color. For new wood remove mill glaze with Superdeck® Wood Brightener. 

WARNING! Removal of old paint by sanding, scraping or other means may generate dust or fumes that contain lead. Exposure to lead dust or fumes may cause brain damage or other adverse health effects, especially in children or pregnant women. Controlling exposure to lead or other hazardous substances requires the use of proper protective equipment, such as a properly fitted respirator (NIOSH approved) and proper containment and cleanup. For more information, call the National Lead Information Center at 1-800-424-LEAD (in US) or contact your local health authority.


Product should be shaken or stirred before and during application. When using more than one container of product, intermix all product and stir well to ensure color consistency.


Do not thin. 


Product may be brushed, rolled or sprayed. If sprayed, use the lowest possible pressure needed for a reasonable spray pattern. Back rolling is suggested when spraying, working the product smoothly and evenly into the wood.  This will decrease the possibility of pools or puddles on the surface and ensure a properly penetrated finish.


Different wood species, textures and natural color will affect finished shade. Always test a small area first for color satisfaction before coating entire project. Apply at a rate the wood will absorb. Do not pool or puddle product on surface. Excess product allowed to sit on surface will result in a tacky finish and extended dry time. Remove tacky finish with a mild solution of Superdeck® Wood Cleaner after 24 hours. When properly applied, the wood surface will have a positive dry and the wood fibers beneath the surface will maintain excellent lubrication. Thoroughly coat the porous ends of all boards with product.


One coat depending on wood porosity and wood moisture content.


40° F.–95° F. Do not apply if wood surface is hot to touch or if rain is likely to occur.

DRY TIME @ 77° F:

8 hours to touch, 24 hours for traffic; depending on weather conditions.


Approximate spread rate: Smooth Surfaces: 250–350 sq. ft./gal.; Rough Sawn: 150–250 sq. ft./gal. 


Clean brushes and equipment with mineral spirits or paint thinner following product manufacturer’s directions. Dispose of empty container or unused portion in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

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Canyon Brown, Cedar, Cedar Tone Natural, Century Redwood, Heart Redwood, Mission Brown, Natural, Red Cedar, Redwood, Valley


100, 250, 350


5 Gal, Gal