P-3 Peeling Paint Primer (4475)

100% acrylic exterior elastomeric stabilizing primer with advanced adhesive technology specifically designed to lock down old peeling paint.


  • The glue-like adhesive properties act as a super-bonding agent for all top coat, solid color paints and stains.
  • Excellent solution for old, weathered, peeling decks and siding surfaces - Should only be top coated with 100% acrylic latex paint or solid


  • Resists most rust and tannin bleeding
  • Elastomeric technology capable of expanding to 300% in hot temperatures and contracts in the cold
  • Remains permanently flexible and breathable in all temperature and humidity conditions
Product # SizePDSSDSUPC
SC0044755-20 5 Gal740755447551
SC0044754-16 Gal740755447544