Concrete Etcher (6550)

MASON’S SELECT? CONCRETE ETCHER is a waterborne solution of low PH organic salts that have been specially formulated to clean and roughen or etch concrete surfaces. Mason’s Select? Concrete Etcher is an effective alternative to muriatic or phosphoric acid. The thick formula will cling to uneven or vertical surfaces. Mason’s Select?Concrete Etcher scours out ground-in dirty, is fast acting and easy to use!


  • Profiles concrete for coatings
  • Removes Mortar Deposits
  • Ready to Use formula


  • An Effective Alternative to Muriatic or Phosphoric acid
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DB0065504-16 Gal740755655048


To prepare interior and exterior concrete surfaces for coatings. Removes efflorescence and mortar deposits from brick and masonry.


If oil and grease stains are present, remove using Mason's Select?Concrete Cleaner, following all label directions for cleaning. Concrete Cleaner will also neutralize concrete after etching.


Apply Concrete Etcher full strength to concrete surface using a pump-up sprayer, or pour product directly onto concrete and spread out using a push broom or brush. Only use synthetic brooms and brushes. Flood entire surface with Concrete Etcher. A mild foaming action will indicate that the product is working. Allow product to remain on surface for a minimum of 30 minutes. DO NOT ALLOW SOLUTION TO DRY AT ANY TIME DURING THE ETCHING PROCESS. Mist surface lightly with water to avoid solution drying. When foaming action stops, scrub wet product with a stiff bristle brush broom and rinse entire area thoroughly with water using a garden hose or pressure washer. Product may become slippery once applied, work on small enough areas to avoid walking on treated surface.
If you plan to use a concrete stain or paint, neutralize the etched surface area using Mason's Select? Concrete Cleaner, follow all label directions for neutralizing. Once concrete is completely dry, inspect all areas of surface before painting or staining. If properly etched, the concrete surface will be rough to the touch (similar to 120 grit sandpaper). Repeat etching process on any areas that are still smooth or not sufficiently roughened.
EFFLORESCENCE REMOVAL FROM FIBER CEMENT: Follow application directions for etching, allowing product to remain on surface for 10 minutes. Mist surface lightly with water to avoid solution drying. Aggressive pressure washing or scrubbing is not necessary. Rinse surface with water and allow to dry to determine if efflorescence has been completely removed. Process may be repeated.
OTHER USES: For removing ground in dirt and mud stains from concrete or mortar residue from brick, dilute product 1 part Concrete Etcher to 1 part water. Apply product with pump-up sprayer, brush, or push broom, then scrub with bristle brush until clean and rinse with water or power wash. For removing rust stains from metal or tarnish from copper & brass, apply product full strength, multiple applications may be necessary.


Apply product at temperatures above 50?F. and below 90?F. Do not apply in direct sunlight if possible.


Approx. 100-200 sq. ft. per gallon.


Do not transfer product into a metal container or unlabeled container. Store in well-ventilated area. Keep container tightly closed when not in use. Keep from freezing. NOT FOR USE IN SWIMMING POOLS AS A SHOCK AGENT OR WATER TREATMENT.


Clean all tools & equipment with water.  

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