Concrete Cleaner (6500)

MASON’S SELECT CONCRETE CLEANER removes surface stains caused by dirt, grime, oil, grease, mildew and algae from concrete and masonry surfaces. Concrete Cleaner is fast acting and easy to use. Use Concrete Cleaner to neutralize surface after being etched.


  • Removes dirt, oil and grease
  • Neutralizes concrete After Etching


  • Concentrated formula
Product # SizePDSSDSUPC
DB0065004-16 Gal740755650043


To clean exterior concrete and masonry surfaces.


Maintenance Cleaning: For mild cleaning mix ? gallon of Cleaner with 3 ? gallons of water.
General Cleaning: Mix 1 gallon of product to 3 gallons of water. Heavy Cleaning: May require more than one application for extremely stained surfaces.


Shake well before using. Apply to damp or dry concrete using a brush, roller or pump- up sprayer. Use synthetic brushes or rollers only. For maximum effectiveness, keep Cleaner wet on surface by occasionally misting with water. Allow Cleaner to remain wet on surface for 15-30 minutes before scrubbing with a bristle brush or hard bristled broom. If contaminants are loose and the surface is ready, rinse entire area thoroughly with water using a garden hose or pressure washer.


Apply product at temperatures above 50?F. and below 90?F. Do not apply in direct sunlight if possible. Protect any aluminum surfaces (such as window frames) to prevent discoloration. Product will etch metal. If product makes contact with glass, rinse thoroughly before it dries. Mist any nearby vegetation with water before and after application.


400-800 sq. ft. when one gallon of Cleaner is diluted with three gallons of water.


When using, do not eat, drink or smoke. Wash hands after use and before eating, drinking or smoking. Product is corrosive, avoid contact with metals such as aluminum. Do not transfer contents into a metal container or unlabeled container. Store in well ventilated area. Keep container tightly closed when not in use. Protect from freezing. For exterior use only.

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