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When applying Superdeck products to your deck, fence or siding, there are three easy methods.  You can apply with a brush, a roller or a sprayer.
Our Exterior Transparent Stains will give maximum clarity highlighting the wood grain.  Our Semi-Transparent Stain is more opaque and is better suited when it is desired to hide some of the wood grain or where custom colors are desired.  Our Solid Color Stain products completely hide the wood grain and offer the most possibilities in color choice.
Our products stain and seal in one step.  They beautify the wood and protect it from moisture without the need for sealers.  We do however make Duckback Products Premium Translucent Wood Finish for siding and other areas where a gloss or satin finish is desired.
For best results, new wood that is not kiln dried should be allowed to season 2-4 weeks before applying coatings.
It's best to apply exterior coatings when you have a 24 hour window before starting the project and after completion.
Today's consumer has more choices than ever when it comes to exterior wood and all of these substrates have different needs when it comes to beautifying and protecting.  This is why we have designed specialized products to best suit consumer needs.  These products include Pressure Treated Stain for pressure treated wood and Exotic Hardwood Stain for the hardwood varieties.
Most high quality stains contain two oils.  Superdeck transparent stains contain a 3 oil system including Linseed and Tung Oils that offer superior durability and enhance the natural beauty of real wood while protecting against harsh elements that can fade and damage exposed wood.
A one coat system saves you time and money.  One coat will give you all the beauty, life and quality of other multiple coat products.  Superdeck Transparent Stain and Semi-Transparent Stain are professional grade with satisfaction guaranteed every time.
It is important to clean the surface and get rid of any debris prior to staining. Our Superdeck Wood Cleaner will clean all stains caused by dirt, mold and mildew. Using the Wood Cleaner will restore the wood back to its natural beauty and allow the best possible penetration of the stain into the wood.
This is a simple process when using Superdeck brand products. Our Superdeck Wood Cleaner is specifically designed to clean and prepare your wood's surface for recoating. Wood Cleaner restores the woods natural beauty and cleans surface stains caused by dirt, mold and mildew.
Superdeck Wood Cleaner is a great choice for removing surface stains caused by mold or mildew.
Tannic acid is the natural protection present in Redwood, Cedar, and Fir.  When tannic acid comes to the surface it can discolor wood.  Superdeck Wood Brightener easily removes stains cased by tannins.
Use our Superdeck Brand Products Wood Stripper to remove paint, varnish and build up of coatings.  Apply with brush or roller.
Etching is essential to assuring that the stain penetrates the concrete.  Mason's Select Concrete Etcher is a waterborne solution of low PH organic salts that have been specially formulated to clean and roughen or etch concrete surfaces.  Concrete Etcher scours out ground-in dirt, is fast acting and easy to use.  The concrete surface must be rough to the touch or have a texture of 120 grit sandpaper.
Clear sealers add beauty and provide extra protection to bare, stained or acid stained concrete.  Our Mason's Select Clear Acrylic Concrete Sealers are available in satin and gloss finishes.  Our Transparent Acrylic Concrete Stain and Epoxacryl Solid Color Concrete Stain can be used without a sealer if desired.
Not when using Mason's Select concrete stain!  Use a pump-up style sprayer for the first coat, and the second can be applied with a pump up sprayer, roller or brush.
It is safe to use concrete stain indoors.  The key to any concrete staining project is preparation.  A well etched, clean and dry surface will allow for the best possible penetration.  Mason's Select concrete stains can be used on all concrete surfaces as long as the stain can penetrate.
For best results, we recommend a minimum of 30 days for the concrete to cure before applying concrete stains and coatings.
Efflorescence is caused when the soluble salts and other water dispersible materials come to the surface of concrete or fiber cement siding.  This powder like substance can be easily removed with our Concrete Etcher.
No.  Mason's Select is designed for use on concrete, not stucco.
No.  Mason's Select will offer only a decorative finish to basement walls.  It is not intended to waterproof concrete on below-ground applications.
Yes, on the outer surface.  Test for penetration and adhesion, as release agents that may have been used in molding the birdbath can prevent Mason's Select from penetrating.
No.  Wood is too flexible for the resin base in Mason's Select.  Mason's Select products are designed for use only on concrete.
Yes, you can coat the inside and the outside, but keep in mind that the color of the flowerpot may hide the transparent color of the stain.
No.  It will change the composition of concrete if mixed into wet concrete.
It is necessary to etch hard-troweled or very dense concrete surfaces, such as garage floors, in order to open up the surface and allow the Mason's Select product to penetrate.  If you are not sure whether to etch or not, it is always best to etch the surface.  Sometimes, very dense surfaces and require etching twice to make the surface porous enough to stain.  The surface should feel like 120-grit sandpaper. Etching can easily be achieved using Mason's Select Concrete Etcher, a fast acting and easy to use concrete etching and cleaning solution.  This is the method we recommend for safety and ease of use.  Concrete Etcher was created specifically for roughening smooth and slipper concrete, and to prepare concrete surfaces for paints and stains.  Make sure to neutralize the concrete surface after etching by using Mason's Select Concrete Cleaner.
Yes.  All concrete with a smooth surface or that does not allow water to penetrate should be etched prior to applying Mason's Select Transparent Concrete Stain or Mason's Select Clear Acrylic Concrete Sealer.  Read our important tips for surface preparation for best results.
The pH of concrete is never neutral or completely balanced.  The pH should be between 7 and 9.  Allowing new concrete to cure for a minimum of 30 days in moderate weather and longer in wet/moist climates will allow the pH to be at an acceptable level prior to application of Mason's Select products.
No, the concrete must be completely dry prior to application.  We recommend waiting a minimum of 24 hours to allow the concrete surface to dry.
To test moisture content, simply tape an 18" x 18" polyethylene sheet (approximately 4 mils thick) over the concrete and leave in place for at least 16 hours.  Remove the sheet; if the sheet is dry, then you may proceed.  If there is moisture on the sheet, the concrete is still too wet to stain.  Let the concrete dry for a few more days and retest for moisture.
For best results, use a rust remover product.  Concrete cleaner is not designed to remove rust stains.
It can if the plants are soaked in the material.  Follow label directions and cover all nearby vegetation.  Be sure to hose down plant beds, flower beds and lawn areas before and after application of this product.
For best results, use household bleach to kill mildew growth.  Then use the Concrete Cleaner to remove the mildew stains.
No.  It is not a stripper.  Mason's Select Concrete Cleaner is appropriate for use to remove grease, dirt, oil, grime and mildew stains.
To remove coatings from concrete, use Methylene Chloride-based strippers for the quickest and most desirable results.  Muriatic Acid and Phosphoric Acid are not designed for stripping concrete coatings.
Use Mason's Select Concrete Cleaner to remove foreign matter, dirt and grime.  Allow surface to dry for 24 hours and re-coat with Mason's Select Concrete Stains or Mason's Select Clear Sealers.